A Quick Guide to Ordering From Us! Without a doubt, the #1 difficulty our customers run into when ordering a compressor is trying to figure out what exactly it is they need. There are lots of numbers on a compressor, and it can be difficult to figure out whats useful and what isn’t. When calling us, the piece of information we need the most is the Model Number. This can be found on the name plate, a printed or stamped label thats riveted to the compressor. To the right you can see an example with the model number highlighted. Please note that the number cast on the compressor is not the same as the model number. It denotes the body style, but it doesn’t tell us important information like voltage, head configuration, or the size of the motor. Depending on what brand of compressor you order, we may need to know some additional information about the compressor you are replacing. Sometimes parts get swapped out in the field, and the changes aren’t reflected in the model number. Because of this fact, it’s good to have answers for the following questions ready when when you give us a call: 1. Are there any heads of unloading? (See picture below) 2. Does the compressor have a standard or reverse top head? 3. What voltage are you running the compressor at? With these answers in hand, you sure that we’ll get you exctly what you need, the first time!